Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mommy's Heart Went POP!

Every mom or dad who reads to their young children knows certain books by heart.  It's inevitable that your child will develop an addiction to one particular book.  Said book will be fairly innocuous in the beginning, but even the best of books can sometimes evoke an "oh, no, not again" reaction.  This book is not one of them.

Books that speak to the heart (no pun intended) are my favorite.  During my many years of working with young children, I truly appreciated authors and illustrators who were able to craft a story that spoke to both young and old alike.  No story is value-free and parents and educators should search for the ones that speak to the core values we honor. "Mommy's Heart Went POP!" is such a book.  Lovingly written and beautifully illustrated, this story speaks not only to the subject of interracial adoption and love, but to the simple love that all parents and children can understand.

I am proud to have trusted my instinct and supported this book before it was printed.  I highly recommend it, not just for those families who can relate to the adoption issue, but for parents and educators of young children.  Click on the link to the side of this blog if you wish to purchase one.  All proceeds from your purchase will go to help bring another child home to their forever family.  I'm so excited about this book that I've contacted the Dollywood Foundation to suggest that they consider this book for their Imagination Library!  It's that good.

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