Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dealing with Reality

We've lived in our little row house for three years now, and while the sellers had done some major fix-ups (yes, I appreciate my new kitchen appliances!) including a nice neutral paint job, I've been wanting to replace the vinyl flooring and blinds from the beginning.  It's not that they're awful - well, the floor is cheap vinyl and difficult to keep clean - but the narrow-slat blinds just do not go with the style of house. 

I've accepted reality.  There is no money for flooring or blinds.  And really, they aren't all that bad.  Put into perspective, at least I have flooring and blinds!  But today I did something that accepted the reality that my remodeling plans are on indefinite hold - I finally shortened the bathroom blinds.  One down.... let's not talk about how many are remaining - I prefer to end the day on an upbeat.

And, I bought a steam cleaner for the vinyl flooring.  Numerous friends have raved over theirs, but I've been holding off, but after trying one at my daughter's house, I was sold.  That, and no matter what I do, I cannot get these floors clean, even if I use enough chemicals to kick start my asthma.

Today, I accepted reality.  It really isn't all that bad.

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