Friday, February 24, 2012

Things I have learned today:

Things I have learned today:
1. Oil is not "oil" - it's red kerosene
2. If you let your "oil" tank run dry, however inadvertently, it will exact revenge  on you by refusing to restart. (they claim it is air in the lines, but I think it's deliberate revenge...)
3. It is possible to find instructions on the internet on how to bleed the lines and restart the furnace.
4. Furnaces are stubborn things; it is possible to bleed it more than the recommended three times and NOT call for a service call - your furnace will not blow up.
5. Kerosene kills your hands (well, I knew that one already)
6. It would have been helpful if I had known to stay home so that the oil delivery man would've started it for FREE.  We won't mention who forgot to tell me this useful tidbit of knowledge.  :)
7. It was definitely worth the aggravation of restarting the furnace on my own because I had a delightful morning of coffee with a good friend.
And as we know, any excuse for coffee is a good thing.  :)


  1. What a lovely green space you have!

    The things you learned about your "oil" furnace are things you will NEVER forget.

    Coffee. Friends. MmMmm Good!

  2. And I'm sure you now know oil stink doesn't wash off easily.
    And the reason they say not to attempt to bleed more than three times, if your igniter fails to fire the oil, you can get a nasty surprise when it finally does o__O