Monday, January 16, 2012

Scheduling Fun

Yesterday was the beginning of my last full semester of grad classes and the last segment before my practicum and internship.  As if I didn't have enough to do, today I added another thing to my schedule.  Yes, I made my life even more complicated --- and on purpose.

The amazing thing is that I made it better, too.  I added in some fun.

Now, many people would not consider agreeing to teach knitting to four people as something fun.  Four people calling out with assorted problems in deciphering the loops and tangles with two sticks; four people at various stages of mastering the complicated process of getting their brains to tell their fingers what to do; one person reveling in the knowledge that she enjoys being a teacher.

In the process of teaching, you remove yourself from the center and focus on the student.  Only when you can see things through the eyes of another person are you able to teach them, and in doing this, I was momentarily free from my own obsession with studies and grades and the future.

For two hours, I simply had fun.  Thank you, ladies.  :)  I look forward to next week.

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